A website for Photographers to display their skills and photographic products. COOLSHOTS is presented to you by the COOLCOM group. All photographers on this site use Software installed and hosted at COOLCOM and all participants are also featured on the COOLSHOTS Facebook Page. Click here for more info...

Koken Photo Software: Installed, Hosted and Supported by the COOLCOM group. 

Here are 5 great reasons you'll want to make this your home for the collection of photographs you accumulate over the years as a professional or amateur photographer. 

1. It will eliminate the need for you to create a complete website like you have to do with WordPress or Joomla. We provide you with a fully functional photography oriented website. It's made with photographers in mind, so there is a much lower learning curve.

2. Marketing! We feature our clients sites on our own home page to make sure people who visit "" get a chance to find your site as well. This link back to your site will be added soon to improve google ranking of your site.

3. More Marketing! We add your site to the Google index as well as the Bing index for better search results. We also use Facebook to promote your site's featured images and link that back to your site!

4. The CMS we supply includes with an integrated cart system (Valued at 50.00 plus installation) which only needs you to have a Paypal account to allow for online shopping of your images. If you like to sell digital versions or printed version of your work is all up to you.

5. Your Photographers Hosting Software has a complete plugin for Adobe Lightroom (v5 and up) that allows you to create your albums or portfolios from inside Lightroom, no need to upload every picture by hand. Unlike many other plugins of this kind, the Koken plugin poses no limits on the number of pictures to upload.

There's more!

Free Themes! Your software comes with 3 free Templates to choose from. Most themes or template allow for photography type backgrounds (black/grey/white) but can easily be adapted to your own needs, although that may require some knowledge of web technologies like CSS. We can help with that if need be.

And the BIG one!

All sites come with their own FREE SSL certificate, proving the site really is what it's supposed to be. It's a Google prerequisite as of June 2018 and other hosting outfits charge between 80 and 400.00 per year for SSL.