A website for Photographers to display their skills and photographic products. COOLSHOTS is presented to you by the COOLCOM group. All photographers on this site use Software installed and hosted at COOLCOM and all participants are also featured on the COOLSHOTS Facebook Page. Click here for more info...

 Some of the features included with your Hosted Koken Photographer Software

  • Example Website and Example Website
  • Extremely Flexible Templates

    The Photographer Site & Hosting Package

  • Installed with several themes 
  • Super easy to use, more so than Wordpress 
  • Private Galleries
  • Syncs with Adobe Lightroom (REALLY!)
  • Responsive layout, instant mobile friendly
  • Retina Photo Quality 
  • Social Icons built right in for easy use
  • 2 Styles of content (Page and Essay)
  • Select Featured Photographs easily 
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Store "Unlisted" Photographs for later 
  • Listing and gallery on our website
  • Gallery on our COOLSHOTS facebook page
  • INCLUDES Cart Plugin installed (Value 50.00)
  • INCLUDES Cart Installation (Value 39.95)